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Accelerate Learning As We Build Back Better

Explore strategies to accelerate student learning while supporting those who need scaffolds and extra help to be ready for new grade-level content.

AI in the K-12 Classroom

Learn about artificial intelligence (AI) and discover how you can use it to transform teaching and learning in K-12 education.

Become Information and Media Literate

Teach students how to become informed consumers of information with the skills they need to separate disinformation and persuasion to identify credible sources and resources.

Break Down the Classroom Walls

Explore strategies and tools for breaking down our classroom walls and capturing some of this magic through virtual field trips, guest speakers, and connected classrooms.

Celebrate Computer Science Education Week

Explore AVID Open Access content that can help you and your students plan for and celebrate Computer Science Education Week.

ChatGPT and Disruptive Innovation in Education

Explore an introduction to ChatGPT as well as ideas regarding its use in schools.

Choose the Right Platform for Remote Teaching

Gain insight into the process of selecting the teaching platform that is right for you and your students.

Connect and Engage Your Students During Live Video Lessons

Utilize these strategies to increase student engagement in your live video classes during remote and hybrid learning.

Create Community and Nurture Connections to Support Social and Emotional Learning

Develop strategies to establish and maintain a positive classroom community, nurturing virtual connections that are essential to the learning experience.

Deepen Connections to Accelerate Learning

Nurture connections with students, families and colleagues through authentic and intentional collaboration and two-way communication.

Deliver Your Virtual Teaching Lesson

Implement these digital teaching strategies and tech tips to successfully deliver your virtual learning lessons to your students.

Demystify Computational Thinking

Learn four foundational skills for computational thinking: abstraction, algorithms, decomposition and patterns.

Design for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Learning

Explore resources to establish a remote-learning environment that honors flexibility, openness, and inclusivity.

Design With Accessibility in Mind

Learn ways to make digital learning experiences more equitable by improving accessibility and empower students with digital tools they can use to overcome their access barriers.

Design Your Virtual Classroom

Design a remote learning space that is simple to access, simple to navigate, and simple to use for learning.

Develop Your Students' Focused Note-Taking Skills

Learn an effective focused note-taking practice that incorporates digital strategies and tools to help students take notes and process their learning.

Dive Into Digital Tools and Strategies for English Language Arts (ELA)

When we empower our students as effective communicators, we empower them to become successful, lifelong learners in all aspects of their lives.

Dive Into Digital Tools and Strategies for Music

Explore resources to develop musical literacy in four core areas of the national standards.

Effectively Integrate Technology Into Your Math Classroom

Accelerate your students' mastery of mathematics with strategies to integrate digital tools to improve engagement and feedback, while providing authentic application opportunities.

Effectively Integrate Technology Into Your Science Classroom

Discover strategies and digital tools you can easily incorporate into your science classroom to improve engagement, feedback, and motivation.

Empower Students Through Creativity and Choice

Explore how to create learning experiences where students are empowered to make choices and create across multimedia modalities.

Empower Students with Digital Study Skills

Introduce your students to the skillset they need to navigate the online world where they are engaging with their learning resources.

Engage Students Through Inquiry Learning

Explore inquiry learning to help your students learn to think critically, ask higher-order questions, and effectively search for and find answers.

Establish a Feedback System to Keep Everyone Informed

Keep your key stakeholders informed throughout the remote-learning process with these guiding principles, practical strategies, and technology tools.

Explore Blended Learning Strategies

Explore five blended-learning models and how they can be adapted for face-to-face, remote, and hybrid teaching.

Explore Critical Reading and Viewing in a Digital Age

To be successful in this digital world, our students need new critical reading and viewing skills to help them interact effectively with information online.

Facilitate Effective Student Reflection During Digital Learning

Engage students in self-reflection during digital learning experiences with these best practices, strategies, and digital tools.

Foster Student Collaboration in a Tech-Empowered Classroom

Help students develop future-ready skills to collaborate across time and space through a variety of digital channels.

Get Started With Live Remote Teaching

Learn how to interact with your students in real time, guide them through the learning process, and encourage their participation with these best practices.

Get Started With Self-Paced Digital Teaching

Explore a step by step process to set up and deliver a self-paced digital-learning experience to engage your students in online content.

Help Students Take Ownership of Their Digital Lives

Teach students digital citizenship skills that focus on creating positive experiences for themselves and others.

Honor Students and Celebrate Academic Milestones

Students thrive on positive reinforcement. Learn strategies to help you honor your students and celebrate with them in a virtual environment.

Inspire Students With Project-Based Learning

Explore this dynamic classroom approach where students acquire deep knowledge through active exploration of real-world challenges and problems.

Integrate Technology Into the Visual Arts Classroom

Browse the resources in this collection to find powerful ways to merge technology with art education.

Integrate Technology Into Your Social Studies and History Classroom

Explore the four dimensions of the National Council for the Social Studies' (NCSS) C3 Framework to prepare students of civic life in today's tech-infused world.

Level Up for Equity and Access: Group or Self-Study Resources

Explore equity and access topics, ranging from digital equity to culturally responsive classrooms.

Level Up to Accelerate Learning: Group or Self-Study Resources

Explore strategies for accelerating learning as a way to address concerns about learning loss.

Level Up with Blended Learning: Group or Self-Study Resources

Explore blended learning strategies as a way to leverage the best practices of both digital and offline learning.

Level Up with Online Learning: Group or Self-Study Resources

Explore best practices in online learning and discover ways to facilitate virtual learning as well as integrate online strategies into a face-to-face classroom.

Leverage AVID's Six Tutoring Principles to Accelerate Learning

Explore key principles of tutoring from creating safe environments to learn to using an inquiry-based approach.

Meet Students' Social and Emotional Needs During Digital Learning

Incorporate social and emotional learning (SEL) strategies to help ensure the overall well-being of your students.

Open Doors to Hopes and Dreams With FAFSA® and Financial Aid

Finding financial aid is overwhelming when you’re trying to get ready for college or career school. Let us walk you through how financial aid works and share resources to pay for college.

Power Up and Enhance the Writing Process With Technology

Explore how to infuse technology into the writing process to help students access deeper levels of learning and as a metacognitive strategy to access prior knowledge and reflect on the learning process.

Reimagine Summative Assessments for Increased Student Agency

Design summative assessments for your virtual classroom that will motivate and engage students to demonstrate their learning.

Start Remote Teaching with Confidence: Tips for Your Virtual Classroom

Implement these digital teaching strategies and tech tips to set up your virtual classroom for success.

Strategies to Reduce Your Workload

Explore strategies tested by teachers like you to help reclaim some valuable time in your workday and beyond.

Support and Nurture Future-Ready Learners

Explore ways to empower your students with the confidence, skills, and strategies they will need to be future-ready learners.

Support Well-Being and Mental Health in Education

Explore strategies for fostering relationships, supporting social and emotional learning, and addressing student mental health concerns.

Supporting Students Affected by Trauma

Explore strategies for supporting students who are experiencing trauma.

Supporting Teachers at the End of the School Year

Create a positive ending to the school year with a three-step plan that helps you step away to recharge and reconnect.

Teach Virtual Lessons and Assess Student Progress

Implement these best practices to support the instructional phase of virtual teaching and learning to deliver your lesson, monitor student progress, and assess their learning.

Teacher Turnover

Teaching is hard, and it matters. Let's address the difficulty of teaching in our current environment and explore possible solutions.

Thrive (Not Just Survive) in Hybrid Learning

Incorporate these strategies to design your lessons and units with flexibility to meet the needs of your learners in multiple delivery models at once.

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