Effectively Integrate Technology Into Your Math Classroom

The quantity, variety, and quality of online math tools continue to grow, and math teachers everywhere are increasing their integration of technology. While working problems with paper and pencil is still a valuable practice, it is no longer enough. In nearly every corner of our lives, the world is becoming increasingly digital, and to be ready for a tech-rich world of work and leisure, our students need practice applying math concepts in a virtual environment. Not only will this interaction empower them to succeed in a digital world, but these tools and manipulatives offer unique advantages that can help accelerate your students’ mastery of mathematics.

In this collection, we explore tools and strategies that will help you effectively integrate technology into your math classroom. As you review these resources, consider how digital tools and strategies can not only improve your students’ academic achievement but also improve engagement, feedback, authentic application opportunities, and motivation.

Tech Integration Can Power Up Your Math Classroom

Discover how tech tools and digital teaching strategies can improve learning in your math classroom and help create a student-centric learning process.

Best Practices 10 min Grades K-12 Resource by:

Calculate, Measure, and Compute With Virtual Math Tools and Manipulatives

Explore virtual tools and manipulatives to empower students to calculate, graph, measure, express themselves, and manipulate concepts in a digital environment.

Best Practices 10 min Grades K-12 Resource by:

Find and Explore Resources to Help Plan Math Lessons

Browse and discover video collections and lesson plan resources to help you plan and create your math lessons.

Best Practices 10 min Grades K-12 Resource by:

Practice, Review, and Enrich Math Skills With Digital Tools

Explore math practice and interactive game websites that you can use to have your students practice math skills and receive immediate, automated feedback.

Best Practices 15 min Grades K-12 Resource by:

Integrate Online Courses and eLearning Sites Into Your Math Classroom

Discover online courses and learning modules that you can integrate into your math classroom, either as individual lessons or as a complete course.

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Facilitate Mathematical Communication, Collaboration, and Feedback

Integrate digital whiteboards, graphing tools, and screen recording software to increase communication, collaboration, and feedback in your math classroom.

Best Practices 15 min Grades K-12 Resource by:

Apply and Extend Math Skills and Concepts

Explore design tools, coding sites, online simulations, and polling tools that students can use to authentically apply and extend math skills and concepts.

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