Practice, Review, and Enrich Math Skills With Digital Tools

Explore math practice and interactive game websites that you can use to have your students practice math skills and receive immediate, automated feedback.

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As teachers, we’re always looking for new ways to engage our students and have them practice skills and concepts. This is an area where interactive websites, computer programs, and online games really shine. With these tools, students can often practice at their own pace, receive immediate feedback, and get differentiated opportunities to refine their skills. The resources on this list are for teachers who wish to provide the direct instruction themselves and then use digital tools to facilitate practice, reinforcement, or enrichment. The functionality of these tools is varied. However, many provide options for setting up personal classrooms, differentiating assignments, providing instant student feedback, and accessing teacher dashboards to view and monitor student progress. The automation of these sites can help reduce teacher workload and allow for more time to work individually with students who need help.

10 Sites for Math Skills Practice

This first set of sites contains resources that are much like a drill-and-practice worksheet but with automated feedback. These are ideal for independent practice, review, and extension.

  1. DeltaMath: This site was created by math teachers for math teachers and offers a place for grade 6–12 students to practice math. There are over 1,800 problem types aligned to Common Core standards, and each problem is auto-scored. Hints and feedback are provided to students as they progress. Students create an account and use a teacher code to join a class. The free version offers unlimited assignments and student practice.
  2. Freckle: This site offers differentiated practice aligned to K–12 math and ELA standards. There are over 70,000 unique math questions that continuously adapt to each student’s performance. Once students join with a class code, their access to Freckle content is unlimited, even with the free version. Teachers get basic reporting, assignment, and management options for free. A premium account is needed to unlock advanced teacher controls.
  3. Graspable Math: Access free algebra resources for grades 4–12. The site allows students to manipulate algebra and complete engaging math activities while teachers can view live feedback of their step-by-step work. The guiding principles of the site are for students to be able to experiment with tangible equations, engage in playful mathematical thinking, and practice and explore safely.
  4. Illuminations: This is part of the larger site sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Illuminations Interactives includes many free digital activities for preK–12, including an Isometric Drawing Tool, Ten Frames, Adjustable Spinner, and Geometric Solids. Also available are math challenges, activities to connect to real-life applications, and more. A membership is required to access some content.
  5. Math Applets: This is a collection of math applets (mini-programs) from Rossman/Chance. Choose from the list and run the applet in your browser. These programs allow for input of answers and immediate feedback. Categories include Data Analysis, Sampling Distribution Simulations, Classics, Probability, Statistical Inference, and Multiple Variables.
  6. Quizlet: Use this free flashcard-based site to have students practice math vocabulary and skills in flashcard format. Quizlet Live turns your flashcard sets into motivating, collaborative competitions. Choose sets from the gallery or create your own. Embed codes allow you to embed these into your learning management system or website, so students can access them at any time.
  7. Tang Math: This site offers resources for grades K–6. Find games, puzzles, and manipulatives. Some are digital, while others can be printed.
  8. ThatQuiz: Students can practice their math skills and check their understanding with these free test activities. Teachers set the skill level, number of problems, and time limit. Reports are generated after each quiz.
  9. Wizer: Create your own custom, self-correcting worksheets or select from the available repository. With the free account, your creations are added to the public collection.
  10. XtraMath: This is an online program to help improve math fact fluency. It is standards-aligned and designed for K–6 students. It may also be used for intervention and reinforcement with older students. Teachers create a class, and students join with a code. The basic account is free. A premium account is needed to access more robust reporting, printables, and product support.

25 Math Game Websites

Math games can be useful for playful and incentivized drill and practice. This work can reinforce concepts and commit skills to deeper memory. The engaging aspect of games increases student motivation and on-task time. Games also often require complex thinking skills to solve problems. These math-based games can be used for both practice and enrichment.

  1. ABCya: Find games and printables for grades K–6+. Browse by grade, content area, or standard. Games are simple to launch and play.
  2. Arcademics: This site contains skill-building games to improve math fact fluency. These multiplayer games are intended for grades 1–6. No accounts are required to play.
  3. Arithmetic Four: Think of these as a game of collaborative Connect Four. Students must work together to answer math questions in order to win. This game is free and targeted to grades 2–8. A timer runs on the side, indicating how much time is left to answer each assigned question. Problem types include whole number and integer versions of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  4. Baamboozle: Have your students play from the collection of 250,000 already-created K–12 games or create your own. The free account allows up to four teams, one folder, 24 images per game, and .5 MB of image storage. All games created with the free account are public and available for others to use. No accounts are needed for students to play.
  5. Bad Calculators: Apply math concepts to solve math puzzles. Apply operations to get the desired solution in the fewest number of moves. Sign in with Google to save your progress. The site includes 10 levels of challenges.
  6. Boddle: Parents and teachers can get a free account to have their K–6 students play these 3D math games. Teachers can create assignments and track performance. iPad and Android apps are also available.
  7. DreamBox: This is a paid product that offers a free 14-day demo. It’s a game-based, adaptive math site that focuses on the conceptual nature of math, rather than strictly procedural skills. It allows students to explore and solve problems in multiple ways.
  8. Jefferson Lab: This site hosts a suite of free math games for grades 3–11. Think of these as math puzzles that need to be solved using math concepts.
  9. Legends of Learning: This site hosts over 2,000 math and science games intended for grades K–8 and aligned to standards. You can create and assign a playlist of learning activities and then assign them with a direct link and teacher code. With the free version, teachers can set up a classroom and assign an unlimited number of games and assessments, though analytics are very limited with the free version.
  10. LetsMod: Students use computational thinking to solve math puzzles. This challenge-based site allows students to work their way through a series of leveled games. Advanced users can even create their own puzzles.
  11. MathGames: Find online math games for grades preK–8. In addition to games, you will find videos and worksheets that you can use. Filter by grade or standard. A subscription is needed to access premium games.
  12. Math Game Time: This site hosts math games for grades preK–7. You can filter by grade or math subject. The site also includes videos and worksheets.
  13. Math Playground: This site hosts over 400 free math and logic games for grades K–6. Filter by grade or math skill. You can also choose tabs for math games, logic games, math arcade, story math, math videos, and all games.
  14. Moose Math: This Apple and Android app by Duck Duck Moose provides a game-based platform for practicing counting, addition, subtraction, sorting, geometry, and more. Students earn points to help build a town.
  15. Ooodle: This is a math version of the popular word game, Wordle, that was created by Mathszone. Students get six attempts to solve the puzzle and determine where the correct numbers must be placed.
  16. PBS KIDS: This site hosts a collection of games, including this page of math games. Games are targeted to young learners. Some games have closed captions as well as Spanish-language options.
  17. Pink Cat Studio: Choose your subject and grade (preK–12) to find review games for any subject. Choose premade games or create your own. You can choose and save your game settings and individually assign them to specific students or groups of students. Provide a shareable link with students for them to access the games. Create an account to set up classes.
  18. Students can play a variety of card games digitally. Teachers can create custom rooms and assign games to students. Teachers can even create their own games, as Theresa Wills did on this website. She even explains how to assign her games to your students with
  19. Prodigy: This platform offers an adaptive, game-based learning platform for grades 1–8. The adaptive algorithm highlights areas of progress and differentiates content for each player. Basic game play is available in the free version.
  20. Shape Sums: In this game created by Mathszone, students must determine what number equates to each shape in order to solve the puzzle.
  21. Sheppard Software: This site contains a collection of free online math games. Subjects range from basic operations to algebra and geometry. Games are targeted to grades K–6.
  22. Solvemoji: Students must find patterns and think critically to solve these emoji-inspired math problems. Students can log in for a leaderboard or play without logging in. There are 10 levels of difficulty. Most games are intended for preK and elementary students.
  23. SplashLearn: These preK–5 math and ELA games are free for teachers and are available both online and via iOS or Android app. Choose your subject and grade. You must set up your free account to begin.
  24. Times Table Sequences Game: This is another game adapted from the popular Wordle challenges. In this game created by MathsPad, students must solve the sequence of five numbers from a multiplication table.
  25. Toy Theater: Choose your subject area, as well as skill or grade level (K–3), to find free online games. No accounts are needed to play.