AVID Open Access® is an open educational resource that provides practical, easy-to-use strategies to prepare your students for all that is possible in their future.

Explore best practices, teaching tips, templates, and grab-and-go lessons. Our resources will help you integrate educational technology and teaching best practices into the classroom, while providing learning supports that your students need now more than ever.

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Maintain Academic Integrity

We’re here with inspiration and information about what works in education.

As we begin the new school year, many of us are facing unknowns. With so much that feels like it’s outside of our control, there are things we can do to help you, your students, and their families navigate the transitions and expectations of this school year.

We see you and we’re here to support you.

AVID Open Access provides you with collections that address timely topics throughout the school year, from how to accelerate learning to creating community and nurturing connections to support social and emotional learning to resources that will help you empower students through creativity and choice.

Anytime, Anywhere Content — Freely Available

Every two weeks, we provide new collections containing strategies, best practices, and teaching tips you can immediately apply to your classroom. Collection topics are designed to be timely and meet your needs throughout the school year.

Learn how to build relational capacity with your new class at the start of the academic year and introduce digital strategies to empower your students, giving them voice and choice as the academic year unfolds.

We are here to meet you where you’re at in your journey to energize and galvanize you with resources that will help you create diverse, equitable classrooms. Existing collections will grow and change as new resources are added, so check back regularly for updates on your favorite topics.

AVID has partnered with some of the best organizations in education—which include MIT, Club for the Future founded by Blue Origin, Wonder Workshop, Microsoft MakeCode, Minecraft, and many more—to make our combined resources freely available without paywalls, anytime and anywhere with a connection, for all educators. Our goal is to make it easy for teachers to grab-and-go, with resources and lessons that are easy to find and easy to execute.


AVID’S Commitment to You

AVID has always seen the human potential—in every teacher, in every student—across any situation, no matter how challenging the circumstances. We insist on rigor, while providing the necessary support. We have been a community for teachers to recharge, get inspiration, and find resilience. We want every teacher to benefit from this vibrant community. We see so much good happening, and we are here to curate “good for better.”

We hope to make your jobs of teaching your students just a little easier and also hope that you will discover not only a robust collection of resources but also a community of educators who are committed to supporting you and your success.

—The AVID Open Access Team