Hand holding note up to the sky that reads, creativity doesn't need limits

Empower Students Through Creativity and Choice

Successful adults are typically self-motivated, knowledgeable, and inspired learners who are skilled in the areas of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. If we create learning experiences where students are empowered to make choices and create, they will have multiple, authentic opportunities to develop these skills. When students create alongside their peers, they engage in rich learning experiences that require them to make choices, communicate, collaborate, and solve problems.

In this collection, we’ll share a series of articles that focus on empowering students through choice and creation. We’ll begin by providing some ways to embed student choice in your lessons, and then we’ll branch out into a series of articles focusing on different types of media. With each type of media (audio, video, images, and more), we’ll explore specific tools as well as integration ideas for getting students creating.

Fine-Tune Your Communication With Online Reference Materials

Develop a collection of online reference materials for convenient and immediate access and use.

Tips 5 min K-12

Mash It Up With Multimedia

Provide students with expanded creative opportunities by allowing them to mix together video, audio, images, writing, and animation on a multimedia canvas.

Tips 12 min K-12

Enter the Magical World of Animation

Empower students with strategies and tools to create animations for digital storytelling, classroom communication, and personal reflections on the learning process.

Tips 19 min K-12

Think It, Write It: Creative Writing Across the Curriculum

Explore strategies and tools that students can use to write creatively across the curriculum.

Tips 12 min K-12

Picture This: The Power of Images in Student Creation

Explore strategies and tools that students can use to create with images in your classroom.

Tips 28 min K-12

Hear It, Say It, Play It: The Power of Audio in Student Creation

Encourage students to use audio as a way to create and express themselves using these strategies and tools.

Tips 21 min K-12

Imagine, Record, Create: The Power of Video in Student Creation

Develop lessons that empower students by exploring six ways for students to design, create, and produce video content.

Tips 44 min K-12

Empower Students Through Creativity and Choice

Design lessons that empower students by giving them voice and choice in the learning process as well as an opportunity to create.

Tips 20 min K-12