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Accelerate Learning

As students enter our classrooms at many different levels of proficiency and learning readiness, we regularly ask ourselves important guiding questions: Where is each student at academically and emotionally? Are students ready to move on with grade-level content, or do they need some skill-building support before they are ready? How can I differentiate in a way that supports individual students, while also keeping the class as a whole moving ahead? How can I make this manageable for me and effective for my students?

These are important questions during any school year, but they are even more pressing as schools begin returning to face-to-face learning after a year of multiple learning models and considerable disruption to learning. Because we can’t “redo” last year, we must leverage strategies that allow us to continue moving ahead while accounting for differences in prior learning progress.

In this collection of articles, we’ll explore ways to accelerate student learning while supporting those who need scaffolds and extra help to be ready for new grade-level content.

Accelerate Learning by Focusing on Assets and Opportunities, Not Deficits

Explore an introduction to accelerated learning, including the dangers of a deficit mindset, the need to accelerate rather than remediate, and the importance of being an equity champion.

Tips 15 min K-12