ChatGPT and Disruptive Innovation in Education

ChatGPT has been a hot topic since its release in November 2022, and it’s the latest example of disruptive innovation to hit education. In less than a minute, it can write an essay, generate computer code, or brainstorm a list of lesson plan ideas.

Because of its potential to impact, and possibly transform, multiple aspects of our world, including education, it’s helpful for educators to know at least a little bit about this technology as it becomes more mainstream. This collection provides both an introduction to ChatGPT as well as ideas regarding its use in schools.

ChatGPT: The Basics

Learn the basics about the artificial intelligence application ChatGPT.

Best Practices 9 min Grades K-12 Resource by:

Approaches to Addressing ChatGPT and Academic Integrity

Consider these 12 ways to minimize and address concerns regarding ChatGPT and academic integrity.

Best Practices 8 min Grades K-12 Resource by:

A SWOT Analysis of ChatGPT

Plan your next steps forward by considering the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats posed by ChatGPT.

Best Practices 3 min Grades K-12 Resource by:

How Teachers Can Use ChatGPT

Discover eight ways that ChatGPT can benefit teachers and save you time.

Best Practices 3 min Grades K-12 Resource by:

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