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Support and Nurture Future-Ready Learners

As teachers, we are in the business of empowering students. If we have done our jobs well, our students will leave us as well-rounded, independent, and empowered learners. Our students will move on to the next grade or the next phase of their lives with both the critical academic knowledge and the empowering life skills needed to meet and overcome unexpected challenges. They will know how to think critically, solve problems, communicate, collaborate, and pursue their dreams. Ultimately, we want our students to be confident, lifelong learners who possess the skills to thrive in a diverse, global community.

This collection will explore ways that you can empower your students with the confidence, skills, and strategies that they will need to be future-ready learners.

Foster Substantive and Respectful Online Discussions

Explore strategies your students can use to power up their posts and ramp up their responses during online discussions.

Tips 15 min 6-12

Manage Your Communication: Emails and Notifications

Explore strategies that you and your students can use to effectively manage emails and notifications.

Tips 15 min K-12

Help Students Hone Their Online Study Skills

Explore strategies and digital tools your students can use to effectively study at home.

Tips 15 min K-12

Maintain Academic Integrity

Learn strategies and digital tools to teach your students how to practice academic integrity in both face-to-face and remote learning.

Tips 10 min K-12

Develop Your Students’ Digital Organization Skills: eFiles, eBinders, and ePortfolios

Learn strategies and digital tools that students can use to effectively and efficiently organize their class materials and share their achievements.

Tips 15 min K-12

Develop Your Students’ Time Management Skills

Learn strategies and digital tools that students can use to develop their time management skills.

Tips 10 min K-12

Establish a Positive Teacher Presence in Your Virtual Classroom

Explore strategies for maintaining a positive presence to keep students engaged and informed in your virtual classroom.

Tips 15 min K-12

Learn and Manage Your Digital Learning Environment

Learn how to help your students effectively use and manage their digital learning environment.

Tips 15 min K-12

Establish Digital Study Spaces and Routines

Teach your students how to set up effective study spaces and routines to leverage the advantages of technology.

Tips 15 min K-12

Start the Year by Fostering Your Students’ Growth Mindset

Help students transition to the new year by teaching and fostering their growth mindset.

Tips 8 min K-12