Support and Nurture Future-Ready Learners

As teachers, we are in the business of empowering students. If we have done our jobs well, our students will leave us as well-rounded, independent, and empowered learners. Our students will move on to the next grade or the next phase of their lives with both the critical academic knowledge and the empowering life skills needed to meet and overcome unexpected challenges. They will know how to think critically, solve problems, communicate, collaborate, and pursue their dreams. Ultimately, we want our students to be confident, lifelong learners who possess the skills to thrive in a diverse, global community.

This collection will explore ways that you can empower your students with the confidence, skills, and strategies that they will need to be future-ready learners.

Recognize Students and Celebrate Together

Discover ways to honor and recognize students’ accomplishments during either face-to-face or live virtual-teaching sessions.

Best Practices 13 min Grades K-12 Resource by:

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