Break Down the Classroom Walls

As teachers, we provide rich learning experiences for our students every day within the walls of our traditional classrooms. However, when we are able to break down those walls and connect with resources beyond our normal learning spaces, we can bring in a new level of magic to the learning experience that can inspire and enrich our students at an even higher level. Indeed, research has shown that when we can provide real-world learning—like field trips and guest speakers—to our students, they gain both social-emotionally and academically. When exposed to these events, students often recall information at a higher rate, utilize critical thinking skills, and develop historical empathy, as well as greater levels of tolerance. These are important outcomes in any classroom.

Even with limited budgets and full calendars, we can leverage technology to take our students on journeys and to meet people beyond our classroom doors. In this collection, we will explore strategies and tools for breaking down our classroom walls and capturing some of this magic through virtual field trips, guest speakers, and connected classrooms.

Develop Global Collaborators: Connect Your Students to Classrooms Around the World

Explore how to connect your students to classroom around the world to help them become effective global collaborators.

Best Practices 13 min Grades K-12 Resource by:

Invite Virtual Guest Speakers to Engage and Inspire Students

Explore how to invite virtual guest speakers to engage and inspire your students.

Best Practices 22 min Grades K-12 Resource by:

Leverage Virtual Field Trips to Engage Students in Authentic Learning Experiences

Explore how to leverage virtual field trips to engage students in authentic learning experiences.

Best Practices 27 min Grades K-12 Resource by:

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