Level Up with Online Learning: Group or Self-Study Resources

Online learning is often misunderstood, especially after many teachers and families have now experienced remote teaching. However, what most people experienced during the pandemic was “emergency virtual teaching,” not true online learning. This is not surprising since entire systems were asked to transform to remote learning so abruptly. Teachers and other school personnel rose to the occasion and rebuilt entire systems with little or no formal training.

True online learning is different. It is not emergency teaching but rather a learning system that is intentionally designed for virtual learning right from the start. When done well, online learning is very effective. Explore the resources in the list below to learn more about online learning. While some of the resources were written to support teachers as they transitioned to remote learning, the same concepts can be applied to an entirely online learning experience.

Use the guiding questions to support your learning. Consider working through this content with a team of educators. This collaborative approach can amplify your learning, lead to stimulating discussions, and provide you with a team of support as you work to implement the strategies you are learning.

#85 – Online Learning: What People Think It Is, What It Actually Is, and What It Can Be

In our conversation with Jeff Plaman—the Online and Digital Learning Specialist for the Minnesota Department of Education—we explore the current state of online learning, address some misconceptions, and explore the potential it has moving forward.

Unpacking Education 41 min Resource by:

Shift to Online Discussions: Powerful but Different

Explore 4 steps for developing successful online discussions.

Best Practices 11 min Grades 3-12 Resource by:

Establish a Positive Teacher Presence in Your Virtual Classroom

Explore strategies for maintaining a positive presence to keep students engaged and informed in your virtual classroom.

Best Practices 15 min Grades K-12 Resource by:

Design Summative Assessments for a Self-Paced Classroom

Develop authentic and engaging summative assessments for self-paced learning sessions.

Best Practices 14 min Grades K-12 Resource by:

Support Student Reflection With Self-Paced Virtual Strategies and Tools

Learn strategies, tips, and tools to promote student self-reflection during asynchronous teaching.

Best Practices 6 min Grades K-12 Resource by:

Choose Your Self-Paced Digital Feedback Strategies and Tools

Learn strategies for providing students with digital feedback while teaching in a self-paced learning environment.

Best Practices 18 min Grades K-12 Resource by:

Establish Your Communication Plan

Review these best practices and tips for establishing an effective communication plan for teachers, students, and parents.

Best Practices 6 min Grades K-12 Resource by:

Choose Your Self-Paced Remote-Learning Delivery System

Choose a digital delivery system that will best support self-paced, virtual teaching and learning.

Best Practices 6 min Grades K-12 Resource by:

Design Your Self-Paced Digital Classroom

Design a quality online classroom by following five guiding principles.

Best Practices 6 min Grades K-12 Resource by:

Deliver Your Self-Paced Virtual Lesson

Design and deliver an effective self-paced online lesson.

Best Practices 8 min Grades K-12 Resource by:

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