Develop Your Students' Focused Note-Taking Skills

Poor class performance is not always an indicator of intelligence. Some students are simply better at school than others and have learned how to be successful in this environment. One way to empower all of our students is to teach them how to be better students. Specifically, we can teach them how to study and learn. These skills will not only empower them as students but will also provide them with transferable skills that they can use throughout their adult lives.

This collection explores the process, strategies, and tools for one of those core learning skills: digital focused note-taking.

Establish an Engaging and Sustained Digital Focused Note-Taking Process

Help students develop digital note-taking skills through the implementation of an engaging and sustained process.

Best Practices 15 min Grades 3-12 Resource by:

Integrate Digital Focused Note-Taking Strategies and Tools

Empower your students with digital strategies and tools for each of the five parts of the focused note-taking process.

Best Practices 25 min Grades 3-12 Resource by:

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