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Unpacking Education February 7, 2024 • 38 mins.

Amanda Ipock, who is Librarian for an elementary school in Washington state, shares her journey and insights about producing a school-wide video podcast with students.

Tech Talk For Teachers February 6, 2024 • 9 min

Explore NotebookLM, a virtual notebook tool from Google that allows users to upload documents and then use artificial intelligence (AI) to summarize, take notes, and interact with this curated content.

Unpacking Education January 31, 2024 • 54 min

Jimmy Casas talks about his new book and ways to develop the type of positive culture that both students and staff need to fully succeed.

Tech Talk For Teachers January 30, 2024 • 10 min

Hear responses to six frequently asked questions about generative artificial intelligence (AI) to give you a solid foundation into this transformative technology.

Unpacking Education January 24, 2024 • 32 min

Eisha Buch, the Director of Education Development and Programs at Common Sense Media, shares details about a new collection of lessons designed to support a healthy digital lifestyle.

Tech Talk For Teachers January 23, 2024 • 12 min

Explore ways that teachers can promote and preserve academic integrity in writing when students have access to generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

Unpacking Education January 17, 2024 • 44 min

Dr. Joe Sanfelippo joins us to talk about leadership and his book, Lead From Where You Are: Building Intention, Connection, and Direction in Our Schools.

Tech Talk For Teachers January 16, 2024 • 14 min

Explore ways to address and maintain academic integrity in a classroom where students have access to generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

Unpacking Education January 10, 2024 • 47 min

Dr. Katie Novak explains a new approach to writing as she talks about the book she recently cowrote with Dr. Catlin Tucker, Shift Writing Into the Classroom With UDL and Blended Learning.

Tech Talk For Teachers January 9, 2024 • 8 min

Explore the content of The Achievery, a free online resource from AT&T that pairs lesson plans with national standards and engaging video clips.

Unpacking Education January 3, 2024 • 48 min

Aaron Maurer, STEM Lead for multiple school districts in Iowa, helps us unpack artificial intelligence and how it can be leveraged by educators and school systems to improve workload efficiencies and take teaching and learning to the next level.

Tech Talk For Teachers January 2, 2024 • 10 min

Explore ways that educators can minimize out-of-pocket costs and get the most out of free, “freemium,” and premium products.

Unpacking Education December 27, 2023 • 9 min

We celebrate 2023 with reflection, laughter, music, and a recap of key topics and nationally recognized guests from this past year of the Unpacking Education podcast.

Tech Talk For Teachers December 26, 2023 • 7 min

Join us as we recap our most memorable topics from the 2023 season of Tech Talk For Teachers.

Unpacking Education December 20, 2023 • 23 min

We celebrate educators with reflection, laughter, and an original song performed as a tribute to educators everywhere because you all make a difference.