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New! Unpacking Education July 17, 2024 • 41 min

Dr. Sam Johnston from CAST discusses the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Guidelines, shares how they can be used in the K–12 classroom, and offers a preview of the updated version 3.0 that will be released on July 30, 2024.

New! Tech Talk For Teachers July 16, 2024 • 6 min

Explore a free AI guide and engaging student assignments developed by the metaLAB (at) Harvard and made available through the AI Pedagogy Project.

New! Unpacking Education July 10, 2024 • 29 min

Brittney Smith explains the importance of news literacy in both K-12 schools and society at large and describes the many free resources available for educators from The News Literacy Project.

Tech Talk For Teachers July 9, 2024 • 14 min

Explore how SchoolAI and tools like it can make the learning and integration of artificial intelligence easier for educators.

Unpacking Education July 3, 2024 • 40 min

Quantitative Ecologist Dr. Ailene Ettinger joins us to discuss her career in STEM, how we can introduce similar careers to more students, and what skills our students will need for success.

Tech Talk For Teachers July 2, 2024 • 11 min

Explore ways to leverage technology for birthday celebrations in the classroom.

Unpacking Education June 26, 2024 • 45 min

Oren Farhi and Dr. Hope Blecher share their inspiring story about how a challenge with learning to speak English led to an innovative and empowering invention: ReadM.

Tech Talk For Teachers June 25, 2024 • 11 min

Explore ideas for creating AI rules and guidelines at the classroom level.

Tech Talk For Teachers June 20, 2024 • 9 min

Learn about a new educational learning experience to be released by AVID and Super League on the gaming platform Roblox.

Unpacking Education June 19, 2024 • 40 min

Structural Forensic Engineer Lisette Terry talks about her career, stereotypes in the field, and how educators can attract more diverse populations of students to careers in STEM.

Tech Talk For Teachers June 18, 2024 • 12 min

Review resources and strategies that help guide the writing of district and school AI policy.

Unpacking Education June 12, 2024 • 32 min

Dr. Jordan Mroziak, AI and Education Project Director at EDSAFE AI and InnovateEDU, discusses the issues and processes related to adopting AI policy in K–12 schools.

Tech Talk For Teachers June 11, 2024 • 12 min

Explore ways to ethically and responsibly use artificial intelligence in the K–12 classroom.

Unpacking Education June 5, 2024 • 29 min

Christine Fox, Vice President of Operations at CAST, discusses the importance of assistive technology in K–12 education.

Tech Talk For Teachers June 4, 2024 • 12 min

Explore ways to teach K–12 students about citizenship in the age of artificial intelligence.