Ed Tip: Student Online Study Skills

Explore the 3 B4 T strategy and related digital tools to help your students develop effective online study skills.

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In a world where online learning is commonplace and digital resources are everywhere, it is critical for students to develop online study strategies. The 3 B4 T strategy can be an effective way to organize key online study skills and tools.

3 B4 T Strategy

  • Study independently.
  • Research.
  • Ask a peer.
  • Reach out to your teacher.

Digital Tools

Here are various tools that can help support students’ development of online study skills:

Integration Ideas

Use this 3 B4 T Student Information Poster to introduce the concept of 3 B4 T to your students. Then, introduce tools and strategies for each part of the 3 B4 T strategy that students can use to become more successful studying on their own. It can be very helpful to post links in your classroom learning management system to this information and the specific tools that you recommend your students use. This can increase the likelihood that students will actually use them. The easier they are to find and the more clear you can be in your instructions, the better chance students will have for achieving success when using these on their own.

How can I learn more?

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