Turn any website into an interactive reading experience with InsertLearning.

Grades K-12 20 min Resource by:

By opening a website and clicking the InsertLearning Chrome extension, teachers can add sticky notes, highlights, videos, questions, discussions, and quizzes directly into the website. In fact, it’s like these inserted items have become part of the original website. These tools can help teachers guide their students through the critical reading process with prompts and tasks embedded into the page. Equally as powerful is the fact that students can add their own sticky notes, highlights, and video reflections on the webpage, and the teacher can then view the student answers and annotations.

Technical Requirements

  • InsertLearning is a website that requires the installation of a Chrome extension.
  • The program offers five lessons for free.
  • The Chrome browser must be used.
  • Users sign in with Google or Microsoft accounts.
  • Students will need an account, as well as the Chrome extension installed, to access lessons.

Check out this video and tip sheet for an overview of InsertLearning:

Interested in Learning More?

The following resource is available to answer additional questions you may have: