Ed Tip: Professional Learning Networks (PLNs)

Connect with other educators through Twitter, blogs, and podcasts to stay current with best practices and discover new tools and strategies.

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Professional learning networks, often referred to as PLNs, are great ways to stay connected to other educators. While connections within your school building are incredibly valuable and will often be your first source of contact with other educators, it’s also important to connect and learn from those outside your immediate work environment. You can learn new ideas from a PLN that you can then bring back to your local cohort. Twitter, blogs, and podcasts are three easy and convenient ways to begin connecting.


Twitter (Tips)

Set up a free account, create your profile, and start following education leaders like those on this list. Then, start sharing your own ideas and content with your connections.

  • AVID, @AVID4College (closing the opportunity gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society)
  • AVID Open Access, @AVIDOpenAccess (notifications of new AOA content and news)
  • ISTE, @iste (International Society for Technology in Education)
  • Catlin Tucker, @Catlin_Tucker (blended learning and related instructional strategies)
  • WeAreTeachers, @WeAreTeachers (ideas and inspiration for teachers)
  • George Couros, @gcouros (reflections on innovative teaching, learning, and leadership)
  • Edutopia, @edutopia (evidence- and practitioner-based learning strategies)
  • Alice Keeler, @alicekeeler (practical educational technology)


These informal articles or posts are published on a regular basis and often share personal opinions, experiences, or insights from thought leaders. You can start your own blog if you wish!

  • Edutopia: Evidence- and practitioner-based learning strategies
  • Cult of Pedagogy: Everything education, from strategies to reform to educational technology
  • Ditch That Textbook: Technology that allows teachers to revolutionize their classrooms
  • eSchool News: Education technology news and trends
  • Catlin Tucker: Blended learning and related instructional strategies from a practicing teacher
  • George Couros: Reflections on innovative teaching, learning, and leadership from the author of The Innovator’s Mindset


Listen to these regularly released audio recordings. Subscribe on popular podcast platforms like Spotify, Google, and Apple. Get notified when new episodes are available. It’s especially useful to download the app for these hosting platforms.

Integration Ideas

Glance through these on a regular basis to keep in tune with current trends and conversations in education. Many times, participants will share resources and ideas that you can bring back to your classroom. You might even consider making this part of your local professional learning community (PLC) experience. Review these together or have each person bring back an idea to share. Once you get more comfortable with these platforms, you can even consider publishing your own content and give back by sharing your personal expertise.

How can I learn more?

Explore AVID Open Access for more free templates, tool tips, podcasts, and other great resources, including the related article, Plug Into a Professional Learning Network.