Learn how to use Twitter to build and engage with a Professional Learning Network.

Grades K-12 15 min Resource by:

Twitter is a free social-media platform that can serve as an excellent entry point for developing a Professional Learning Network (PLN). By setting up an account and “following” others, you become connected on the network. This connection prompts notifications whenever someone you follow posts something. Likewise, those who follow you will be notified when you post. Twitter can be searched by topic, user, or hashtag. A hashtag is a way to “tag” a post with a topic that can be searched. A popular use of the hashtag is to identify posts about a certain topic or event (such as an education conference). Users can comment on posts, “retweet” posts, or like them by clicking on a heart icon. When appropriate, it is also possible to send private messages to other Twitter users. Twitter is technically a microblog, allowing users to post up to 280 characters at a time.

Technical Requirements

  • Twitter is a browser-based website.
  • No login or account is needed to view or search.
  • An account is needed to follow others and have followers.
  • A phone app is available for Android and iPhone.