#2 – Get to Know Us

Unpacking Education August 26, 2020 13 min

Welcome to Tech Talk for Teachers, the podcast where teachers talk about how technology can positively transform teaching and learning. Meet the Digital Learning Specialists who will guide you along this journey, as we help teachers thrive, not just survive, in blended- and remote-learning environments.

We tackle the big questions facing teachers today. How might we plan with change in mind to quickly pivot from one teaching model to another? How might we improve student learning practices and outcomes through the use of technology? How do we integrate technology in a meaningful way to empower our students?

There are big changes happening in this moment. This is an opportunity to innovate education and make teaching more student-centered. We are looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

Paul Beckermann
PreK-12 Digital Learning Specialist
Rena Clark
Digital Learning Coach
Pamela Beckermann
PreK-12 Digital Learning Specialist

Remember that learning is a journey. We need to embrace the learner in ourselves as we learn how to navigate this new way of teaching and learning. It’s also important in this journey to be kind to ourselves—to give ourselves permission to take it one step at a time. See it as a journey. Be kind.

Pamela Beckermann, Host and PreK-12 Digital Learning Specialist, Elk River Area School District, MN