Ed Tip: Comic Strips

Use these resources to help students create, communicate, and demonstrate learning through comic strip templates and creation tools.

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Comic strips are a great way for students to create, express themselves, and demonstrate what they know. They can use both words and pictures to illustrate meaning. When assigning comic strips, you might choose to provide students with a premade template, or you might want them to start from scratch. You could even have them use free online comic strip creators.


At AVID Open Access, we’ve created a variety of different comic strip templates to get you started. These may be completed digitally or printed to complete offline. If you find a Google version that you like, click the “Use Template” button to generate your own version that can be edited and shared as needed. You may also download a PowerPoint version if you are a Microsoft user.

Templates from AVID Open Access

Comic Strips

Students can create, communicate, and demonstrate learning through these comic strip templates and creation tools.

Comic Strip Templates - Horizontal Layout

Comic Strip Templates (10 Horizontal Layouts)

Comic Strip Templates - Vertical Layout

Comic Strip Templates (12 Vertical Layouts)

Online Comic Generators

Integration Ideas

  • Comics can be used as processing activities, as well as formative or summative assessments, and they can be exciting additions to blended learning playlists and stations.
  • Provide students with these quick tutorial videos, so they can work more independently

How to make a copy of a Google template

How to modify the design

How to create your comic digitally

How Can I Learn More?

Explore AVID Open Access for more free templates, articles, tool tips, podcasts, and other great resources, including the related collection: Think It, Write It: Creative Writing Across the Curriculum.