Ed Tip: Multimedia Tools

Consider using these five multimedia formats and related digital tools to encourage student creation in your classroom.

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Multimedia tools are creative canvases that allow users to integrate multiple forms of media onto one digital space. Within a single platform, students can often integrate text, images, video, audio, and animations to construct original creations. Because of this flexibility, assigning multimedia projects is a great way to increase student motivation while also fostering creativity, voice, and choice in your classroom.

Tools and Formats

Consider using these multimedia tools and formats to provide students with voice and choice when creating multimedia products:

Integration Ideas

Students can use multimedia tools and platforms for many purposes. They can create products that demonstrate their learning. They can use these platforms to share their work with a public and authentic audience. They can also use these creations to teach their peers or to share personal perspectives. While there are many ways to integrate multimedia into your lessons, it is important to align student creation to your classroom learning targets. In this way, students will be creating with purpose.

How can I learn more?

For more information about integrating multimedia opportunities into your classroom, explore the following AVID Open Access article: Mash It Up With Multimedia.