Ed Tip: Flippity

Learn more about Flippity, a website where you can access different learning activity templates, preview each activity, and review directions for how to make a copy and customize it.

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Flippity is a free website that offers 28 different learning activity templates. Visitors to the site can preview each activity and access directions for how to make a copy and customize it to their needs. All templates have been created using Google Sheets, so users will need a Google account to customize and use the activities.

Sample Activities

As mentioned, a variety of activity templates are available through Flippity. These include templates for:

  • Practice Activities:
    • Flashcards
    • Manipulatives
    • Matching Game
    • Spelling Words
  • Games:
    • Quiz Show
    • Virtual Breakout
    • Board Game
    • Snowman
    • MadLibs
    • Bingo
  • Teacher Tools:
    • Random Name Picker
    • Leader Board
    • Badge Tracker
    • Tournament Bracket

General Directions

  • Go to Flippity.net.
  • Choose an activity.
  • Click links to view a demo or directions.
  • Copy the Google Sheets template.
  • Add your content.
  • Publish to the web.
  • Share the link.

Integration Ideas

Flippity activities are useful for having students practice recalling content knowledge. Because they are customizable, they can be aligned to any subject area. Game formats can be fun and engaging, and the teacher tools can help with managing student progress. Students access the activities by clicking on a shared link. While the students all use the same link, each of them will engage in their own copy of the activity. Teachers can save the links and build a library of learning activities that can be reused as many times as desired.

How can I learn more?

For more information about this topic, explore the following AVID Open Access resource: Flippity Tool Tip.