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Use Flippity to create digital manipulatives, activities, and tools to support your online classroom.

Flippity is a free website that allows you to turn Google spreadsheets into interactive digital manipulatives, activities, and tools. The site offers a wide range of ready-made templates that you can copy and customize. Once you have adapted it to meet your needs, you simply publish the sheet to the web and share the auto-generated link. Some of the more popular templates include a quiz show generator, a random name picker, a scavenger hunt activity, a word search generator, a crossword puzzle maker, and a Mad Libs creator. Flippity now offers a more streamlined version for teachers who do not want to create and save a spreadsheet. This allows you to simply paste in your content and click the tool you want to use.

Technical Requirements

  • Flippity is a website.
  • To use the Google spreadsheet templates, you will need a Google account.
  • Copied spreadsheets are stored in your Google Drive.
  • Spreadsheets must be published to the web to generate the activity.
  • Using the “Skip the Spreadsheet” version eliminates the need for a Google account, but activities cannot be saved.

Check out this video and tip sheet for an overview of Flippity:

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