Ed Tip: ePortfolios

Explore tools and integration ideas for using ePortfolios in your classroom.

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In simple terms, portfolios are collections of work. In our classrooms, this is typically work created by students. This work is produced, collected, stored in one place, and potentially shared with others. Portfolios can be used to document progress over time, store multiple drafts of a project, record a series of attempts at proficiency, demonstrate the attainment of proficiency for course objectives and concepts, and showcase a student’s best work. ePortfolios are digital spaces to store this content.

Digital Tools

Integration Ideas

ePortfolios can be used in multiple ways. By allowing students to attempt and record multiple attempts at achieving proficiency with a concept, you can reinforce the importance of a growth mindset. ePortfolios are great places to have students demonstrate their proficiency and celebrate their successes. You can also have students review their work, reflect on progress they’ve made, and make future goals for growth. If you’re looking for a student-facing resource, you can share this one-page summary guide with your classes. Feel free to make a copy, customize it to meet your needs, and share it as either a printed or digital copy.

How can I learn more?

For more information about using ePortfolios in your classroom, explore the AVID Open Access article, Develop Your Students’ Digital Organization Skills: eFiles, eBinders, and ePortfolios.