Ed Tip: eBinders for Student Organization

Use digital tools to help students create eBinders in order to stay organized.

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With the proliferation of one-to-one student computer programs in schools, traditional paper binders are being converted to digital formats. These online platforms can offer advantages over physical folders and organizers. They are often more accessible, customizable, free, multimodal, compact, and easily searchable. They also help students become future-ready. In classrooms where students have access to computers or tablets, eBinders are a great option for helping students develop an organizational system for their schoolwork.

Digital Tools

Some options for tools that you and your students can use to create eBinders include:

Integration Ideas

Once you have chosen your eBinder platform, the key to success is guiding your students to effective use of the tool. It is advantageous to provide both examples and practice opportunities, so your students can learn to use their eBinder. You may also want to scaffold the experience by providing students with templates to guide their interactions. By balancing structure with flexibility, you can help your students build proficiency with their eBinder as an organizational tool. You can also share this one-page summary guide with your students. Feel free to make a copy, customize it to meet your needs, and share it as either a printed or digital copy.

How can I learn more?

For more information about student organization strategies, explore the AVID Open Access article, Develop Your Students’ Digital Organization Skills: eFiles, eBinders, and ePortfolios.