Ed Tip: Audio Creation Tools

Inspire creativity by integrating audio projects and tools into your classroom.

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Audio is an accessible, and often overlooked, form of media creation. With free tools ranging from simple to complex, audio production can be used with learners of any age, giving them a voice while offering opportunities to create.


This list of tools begins with simple, one-click recording options and evolves into full-featured editing tools that provide students with nearly unlimited creative options:

Integration Ideas

There are many ways to engage students with audio. You can have them record their ideas independently, provide feedback to others, or create in a group. Depending on your instructional goals, these applications can range from very simple to quite complex. The following are some creative projects that students might create with audio tools:

    • Read-alouds
    • Storytelling
    • Language practice
    • Interviews
    • Musical performances
    • Podcasts
    • Radio shows
    • Audiobooks
    • Musical productions
    • Audio guides

How can I learn more?

For more information about integrating audio into your classroom, explore the AVID Open Access article, Hear It, Say It, Play It: The Power of Audio in Student Creation.