Ed Tip: Animation Tools

Provide students with options to create using animation tools in your classroom.

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Animation refers to the process of making still images appear to move. While this was originally done by drawing and painting a sequence of images, it’s now done primarily with digital tools. Students of almost any age can create animations at home or in the classroom with a standard computer and an Internet connection. Because of this, our students no longer need to be satisfied with passively watching the magic of animation; they can now become the magicians and actively create it themselves.

Tools and Formats

Consider the options from the list below to help provide students with options to create using animation tools in your classroom:

Integration Ideas

The formats listed above imply various types of final products that students can create in your classroom. However, within the scope of those formats, students can express themselves in many ways and for a variety of purposes. They can demonstrate their learning, make personal connections to class content, and bring concepts to life.

How can I learn more?

For more information about integrating animation into your classroom, explore the following AVID Open Access article: Enter the Magical World of Animation.