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#75 – Supporting Teachers as They Prepare for the Second Half of the School Year New!

Join us as we discuss how to create a healthy start to the second half of the school year. We’ll look at strategies and suggestions for how to manage the stress of teaching while creating a pathway to SEL success.

Tech Talk For Teachers 30 min Resource by:

#74 – How to Welcome Your Students Back From the Holidays New!

Provide students with the support they need as they return to school after winter break with strategies to help develop their empathetic listening skills to reinforce your classroom community.

Tech Talk For Teachers 23 min Resource by:

Connect With Colleagues

Learn about why it is so important to connect and build positive relationships with colleagues and six ways to build those connections.

15 min Grades K-12 Resource by:

Abraham’s Artifacts

Teach students how to develop an evidence-based claim organizer while evaluating “Abraham’s Artifacts” by Brenna Maloney.

Lesson 90 min Grades K-2 Resource by:

Saving History

Explore this interactive text from National Geographic and guide students through an activity using note-taking strategies to creatively engage with the text.

Lesson 90 min Grades 3-5 Resource by:

#73 – 2022 New Year’s Resolutions

Join us for a special episode to say farewell to 2021 and set the stage for a new year. We share the goals, reflections, and wishes for the new year that you shared with us via social media.

Tech Talk For Teachers 20 min Resource by:

#72 – Unwrapping SEL and Self-Care for the Holidays

In this last episode from our Host Choice series for the holidays, Paul Beckermann shares his reflections on the past year and hopes for both teachers and students to find the social and emotional learning support that they need to succeed.

Tech Talk For Teachers 12 min Resource by:

#71 – Embracing Your Holiday Break

In this episode from our Host Choice series for the holidays, Rena Clark shares her tips for remembering to prioritize self-care during the winter break.

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#70 – Caring for Students and Yourself During the Holiday Season

Let’s get started on the holiday season with our Host Choice series, where each host reflects on their favorite episode of the year. We get started with Dr. Winston Benjamin.

Tech Talk For Teachers 10 min Resource by:

#69 – Inspire K–12 Students to Learn Computer Science

Celebrate Computer Science Education Week with us as we chat with Master Teacher, Erica Roberts, about her experience developing equitable pathways to CS to inspire all students and empower them to embrace all the possibilities in their future.

Tech Talk For Teachers 35 min Resource by:

Accelerate Learning Through One-on-One and Small-Group Meetings

Explore four ways for finding time to meet with students.

Tips 15 min Grades K-12 Resource by:

Mystery Chemical Reactions

Inspire students to explore chemistry, where they analyze data from double-replacement reactions and use evidence from their observations to help identify the reactants and products in chemical reactions.

Lesson 45 min Grades 9-12

Six Tutoring Principles for Student Success

Explore a tutorial model that features a scaffolded approach to help improve student performance, increase their mental well-being, and support their academic aspirations.

Tips 15 min Grades K-12 Resource by:

#68 – Making Connections With Families

By building relationships with families, you can identify ways to differentiate and personalize instruction to better engage students in their learning process and motivate parents to become advocates for their child’s success.

Tech Talk For Teachers 35 min Resource by: