#246 – Happy Holidays: You Make a Difference

Unpacking Education December 20, 2023 23 min

In this episode, we celebrate the holidays by celebrating you! Educators like you are amazing. Please know that we see you and all that you do for your students and schools. We reflect on the importance of self-care and make note of the great work that we’ve seen from teachers. To cap off the episode, our team performs an original tune, written just for you!

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Paul Beckermann
PreK–12 Digital Learning Specialist
Rena Clark
STEM Facilitator and Digital Learning Specialist
Dr. Winston Benjamin
Social Studies and English Language Arts Facilitator

Go forth and be awesome. Thank you for all you do. You make a difference.

From the weekly closing to the Unpacking Education podcast on AVID Open Access

You Make a Difference

The following are the lyrics to the song that we’ve written for—and dedicate to—you. Thank you for all you do. You do make a difference.

You Make a Difference (We See You)

This holiday season,
Take some time for you.
Recharge and get rested.
Let your spirit renew.

And know that you matter.
Please know that you do.
At AVID Open Access,
We’re oh so grateful for you.

Thanks for caring so much for your students. We see you welcoming students every day. We hope you can spend some quality time with your family this winter break. Thank you for creating safe and inclusive environments for all students. We see you adapting to unexpected challenges and changes. Unplug from work and don’t check email for at least a week. Connect with the ones you love. Be creative and make something. Sleep! Be active. You can actually go outside and walk in the daylight. We see you celebrating each student’s unique strengths. We see you bringing love to your classroom.

You give your all every day.
We see how much you do.
You make such a big difference.
Yes, we, we see you.

We see all of your kindness
And all that you give.
You make such a big difference
In the lives of your kids.

In this season of giving, remember to give to yourself.
We give to others until we have nothing left on the shelf.
As said on a plane, put on others’ masks after you do for yourself.
You are the elements of the periodic table of matter.
I know sometimes this job can make you sadder.
Remember, at the end of the year, the kids do climb the ladder.
Years after, they come back and say thank you.
Now, they got dreams that they can chase after.
They’re the seeds in the garden you planted,
Watered with love, shined on with care.
Remember that they have feelings that are valid.
On this windy road of learning that we’ve traveled,
Remember, like home, you can always come back to AVID.

Go forth and be awesome.
We value all the things that you do.
You all make such a difference,
Yes, each one of you.

So be kind to yourself.
Take time for you.
At this holiday season,
We send good cheer to you.

To you,
Happy holidays.

To you,
We see you.

To you,
Remember, go forth and be awesome.
Thank you for all you do.
Happy holidays, everyone.
You make a difference.

Guiding Questions

If you are listening to the podcast with your instructional team or would like to explore this topic more deeply, here are guiding questions to prompt your reflection:

  • How do you practice self-care?
  • What are your plans for self-care this holiday season?
  • How do you see educators making a difference?
  • How can you let someone know that you see the difference they make?
  • What is one thing you’ve accomplished this fall that you can celebrate?