#175 – Student Time Management

Tech Talk For Teachers April 18, 2023 10 min

Student Time Management

In today’s episode, we’ll review four strategies that you can use to teach your students time management skills. To help implement these ideas, you may share this one-page handout with your students.

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Paul Beckermann
PreK–12 Digital Learning Specialist
Podcast Host

Use a Calendar

  • Create consistent event names.
  • Add links and information to event descriptions.
  • Set up notifications.
  • Customize display options.

Create Prioritized Checklists

Create an Action Plan

  • Review regularly.
  • Set short-term goals.
  • Review and revise.

Reflect, Monitor, and Adjust

  • Review.
  • Evaluate.
  • Modify plan as needed.

For more information about student time management, explore the following AVID Open Access article: Develop Your Students’ Time Management Skills.