Empower Students with Digital Study Skills

As technology transforms nearly every aspect of our lives, tech-empowered classrooms have become the norm and not the exception. Students are regularly asked to navigate learning management systems or take part in live video meetings. Assignments are completed digitally, and feedback is often provided electronically. As schools transition to remote learning, this transformation has accelerated, and it has changed the core skills that our students need to be successful. Students must be able to effectively and efficiently navigate and organize learning materials, access and process digital content, and engage in learning experiences that reach beyond the physical walls of the school.

The articles in this collection will provide you with easy-to-implement tips and best practices to help your students build routines and skills to support their learning process online. These resources will help empower students and set them up for success in their virtual learning environment with organization, communication, and collaboration strategies.

Establish Digital Study Spaces and Routines

Teach your students how to set up effective study spaces and routines to leverage the advantages of technology.

Best Practices 15 min Grades K-12 Resource by:

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