Resources for virtual and online teaching in a live classroom
Virtual Teaching

Teaching in a Tech-Empowered Classroom

Explore resources and tools to effectively set up a digital classroom, design a virtual lesson, and teach remotely.

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Accelerate Learning by Focusing on Assets and Opportunities, Not Deficits

Explore an introduction to accelerated learning, including the dangers of a deficit mindset, the need to accelerate rather than remediate, and the importance of being an equity champion.

Tips 15 min K-12

Find and Explore Websites to Help Teach Music

Find resources to help you teach music, including websites that feature music theory, virtual instruments, and lesson planning ideas.

Tips 15 min K-12

Empower Students to Create Musically

Find resources to help students learn the music creation process, from writing and composing through recording and production.

Tips 20 min K-12

Facilitate Virtual Music Performance and Response

Find resources to help students learn an instrument, find music to play or study, and both respond and reflect on musical performances.

Tips 15 min K-12

Connect Students to Music

Find resources to help students discover, explore, and access a variety of music types and genres.

Tips 10 min K-12

Integrate Online Music Tools Into Your Classroom

Explore strategies that you can use to effectively and efficiently integrate online music tools into your lessons and virtual classroom.

Tips 5 min K-12

Teach Reading With Online Resources

Use digital tools and strategies to make reading instruction more engaging, efficient, and effective.

Tips 10 min K-12

Read Online With e-Books, Virtual Libraries, and Digital Collections

Expand student access to reading materials through e-Books, virtual libraries, and digital collections.

Tips 10 min K-12

Level the Playing Field With Leveled Reading

Leverage leveled reading websites to effectively and efficiently differentiate for different student reading levels, scaffold reading development, and provide equitable access to academic content.

Tips 5 min K-12

Take It Further With Online Literature Resources

Discover online resources to help plan and teach lessons about literature.

Tips 5 min K-12