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Digital Study Skills

Equip your students with digital study skills to help them harness the power of technology to succeed as digital learners.



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Learn and Manage Your Digital Learning Environment

Learn how to help your students effectively use and manage their digital learning environment.

Tips 15 min K-12

Establish Digital Study Spaces and Routines

Teach your students how to set up effective study spaces and routines to leverage the advantages of technology.

Tips 15 min K-12

Make Virtual Learning Accessible

Explore ways teachers can make learning experiences more equitable by improving accessibility.

Tips 10 min K-12

Design for Accessibility With the Universal Design for Learning Process

Discover how to create a more accessible virtual learning environment by making your content ADA compliant and designing with the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) process.

Tips 20 min K-12

Empower Students With Accessibility Tools

Explore strategies and tools like text to speech, translation services, and closed captioning that can make content more accessible to your students.

Tips 20 min K-12

Establish an Engaging and Sustained Digital Focused Note-Taking Process

Help students develop digital note-taking skills through the implementation of an engaging and sustained process.

Tips 15 min 3-12

Integrate Digital Focused Note-Taking Strategies and Tools

Empower your students with digital strategies and tools for each of the five parts of the focused note-taking process.

Tips 25 min 3-12

Increase Retention by Engaging Students in Digital Reading and Viewing

Increase retention by applying critical reading and viewing strategies to digital text, images, and video.

Tips 5 min 3-12

Incorporate Strategies for Critical Reading and Digital Marking of Text

Explore strategies and tools that will help students critically read and mark up digital documents, PDFs, and websites.

Tips 20 min 3-12

Incorporate Strategies for Critical Viewing of Video and Digital Images

Teach students to view videos and digital images with the same level of critical review that they use when reading texts.

Tips 15 min 3-12