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Digital Literacy

Prepare your students with digital literacy strategies and resources.

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Pop the Filter Bubble

To create well-informed citizens, we need to recognize filter bubbles and the impact they have on our information universe.

Tips 10 min K-12

Acknowledge and Identify Bias

To be effective consumers of digital information, students need to be able to acknowledge and identify bias in all forms of media.

Tips 10 min K-12

Teach Information and Media Literacy: The Foundation of Democracy

For our students to be informed and productive participants in the American democracy, they need to be able to effectively evaluate the credibility of online resources.

Tips 10 min K-12

Create Credibility Detectives in Your Classroom

Explore the ABCs of evaluating online resources as a way to turn your students into credibility detectives who can effectively evaluate the trustworthiness of online resources.

Tips 10 min K-12