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Explore past and present corners of the earth and space for a future-proof tomorrow.

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FANtastic: Using Wind Energy

Explore how students can learn more about renewable energy and how it can improve the quality of life for those around us.

Lesson 45 min 3-5

Evidence of the Big Bang

Have students explore the expansion of the universe with this lesson where they will graph real data for given galaxies to calculate the age of the universe.

Lesson 180 min 9-12

Heat of Combustion in Biofuels

Introduce students to the concept of biofuels and explore how to create a computational model to calculate change in energy systems.

Lesson 120 min 9-12

Carrying Capacity and Algal Blooms

Engage students with this investigative phenomenon to investigate an algal bloom and its impact on the environment.

Lesson 235 min 9-12

Hanny’s Voorwerp

Encourage students to become citizen scientists where their explorations and curiosity can impact scientific research.

Lesson 60 MIN 3-12

Liquids in Microgravity

Share with students an experiment that explores the effects of gravitational forces using materials easily found at home.

Lesson 60 MIN 3-12

Mysteries of Space: Launch Lesson

Introduce extremophiles and have students consider what it would take for an organism to thrive on another planet or moon in our solar system.

Lesson 75 min 6-8

Mysteries of Space: What Is the Scale of Our Solar System?

Construct a scale model of our solar system to visualize the relative size of solar system objects and their distances from each other in space.

Lesson 90 min 6-8

Postcard From Space: Civics

Design a constitution to govern a space settlement.

Lesson 60 MIN 6-8

Postcard From Space: Marketing

Create an advertisement to attract customers to a space-related business.

Lesson 60 MIN 6-8