STEM teaching resources for exploring earth, space, and the future


Explore past and present corners of the earth and space for a future-proof tomorrow.

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Hanny’s Voorwerp

Encourage students to become citizen scientists where their explorations and curiosity can impact scientific research.

Lesson 60 MIN 3-12

Liquids in Microgravity

Share with students an experiment that explores the effects of gravitational forces using materials easily found at home.

Lesson 60 MIN 3-12

Mysteries of Space: Launch Lesson

Introduce extremophiles and have students consider what it would take for an organism to thrive on another planet or moon in our solar system.

Lesson 75 min 6-8

Mysteries of Space: What Is the Scale of Our Solar System?

Construct a scale model of our solar system to visualize the relative size of solar system objects and their distances from each other in space.

Lesson 90 min 6-8

Postcard From Space: Civics

Design a constitution to govern a space settlement.

Lesson 60 MIN 6-8

Postcard From Space: Marketing

Create an advertisement to attract customers to a space-related business.

Lesson 60 MIN 6-8

Postcard From Space: Engineering

Sketch a prototype to meet the needs of millions of people living and working in space.

Lesson 60 MIN 6-8