Postcard From Space: Marketing

Create an advertisement to attract customers to a space-related business.

Grades 6-8 60 MIN Resource by:

Students will create a postcard, advertising a new product for astronauts, that will ride to space on a rocket and then be sent back to them. They will complete this task individually. It may be assigned as homework, if appropriate for your classroom.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply empathy and creativity to create an advertisement for a space-related product.
  • Get excited about space exploration through a personal connection to current space engineering.

What You’ll Need


  • Paper
  • Pen or pencil
  • Stamped envelope


  • Creativity
  • Exploration
  • Perspective-taking
  • Empathy

Send a Postcard to Space

The Club for the Future is asking students from around the world to send them postcards answering the question:


Once you have your idea, draw it on a postcard, then mail it to the Club. Then, the Club will put your postcard on one of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rockets and launch it to space! Upon your postcard’s return from space, it will be stamped “Flown to Space” then mailed back to you as a special keepsake.

Step-by-step instructions showing how to fill out your postcard and mail it to Club for the Future

Have students write a short paragraph describing their advertisement and explaining how the product would help someone living in space.

For Students

Ask students if there is an equivalent product here on Earth. Would the marketing plan work for the Earth-based version?

Who would students interview to test their advertisement and get feedback?

For Teachers

Think about ways to integrate STEM and literacy.

Documenting the design process is a key element of any long-term project. How might you help students develop expertise in reading and writing by expressing and tracking their project ideas through drawing and sketching?