Dear Caring Adult,

Congratulations, you made it! It’s Day 5 of MIT’s Full STEAM Ahead! I have had such fun making these videos for you! I hope you’ve had some fun along with me! I also hope your child is starting to see themself as an inventor. To recap this week, everything was intentionally designed to initiate invention thinking. We started with reading Abby Invents Unbreakable Crayons by Dr. Arlyne Simon. Then we made a list of Problems to Solve. This led us to creating Invention Notebooks. Next, we gathered materials to make an Invention Box to store and organize the tools, safety equipment, and materials for inventing. The next day we made play-dough—an easy material to make at home—to use for designing inventions. Watch the recap video with your child. Now, we hope that your child will continue building the habits of invention.

We’ve included a video of me reading the entire book, so your child can have a little story time. Feel free to watch alongside your child and pause the video for questions and conversation. I’ve also put together some resources to support your child in furthering their inventing and STEAM learning.

Thank you again for sharing the week with me. I hope you have had a happy, healthy week filled with the wonder of children expanding their sense of self to include being an inventor! Please share your child’s work with us through the Full STEAM Ahead forum. I’d love to see what you did this week and provide feedback.

I wish you all the best! Happy Inventing from my home to yours!

Kind regards,

Dr. Pascha