Dear Caring Adult,

This is Dr. Pascha again. We’ve created a list of problems that your child wants to solve and an Invention Notebook in the past two days. Today’s video introduces how to set up an invention box. Afterward, your child will assemble their own Invention Box.

Below are some tips for working with your child on this activity:

  • Start the day by reviewing the Problems to Solve list and the Invention Notebook your child made.
  • Before watching the video, ask your child, “What do you think inventors use to make an invention?” Many children probably will talk about tools. Encourage them to talk about more than tools. Talk to your child about how inventors will also need materials.
  • Next, tell the child, “Many inventors keep a box full of tools and materials for themselves. When they have an idea, they can grab things from their box. We’re going to create an invention box for you today.”
  • Watch the video together with your child. Follow the instructions on the video to work with your child to set up their Invention Box.

  • Encourage your child to look in the recycle bin in your home to find some clean, unbreakable materials.
  • If your child can’t find thick or heavy paper, it is OK. They can collect frozen waffle boxes, cereal boxes, egg cartons, etc.
  • Make sure your child also gets pencils, blunt-tipped scissors, and tape.
  • Compare items in your child’s box and the one in the slides. What is similar? What is different?
  • Next, help your child organize the tools and materials in their Invention Box. Your child can put small boxes or containers or add dividers in the Invention Box. They can also use cups, jars, envelopes, and egg cartons to organize their box.
  • Labeling can be fun! Remind your child to label their Invention Box. They can use masking tape, mailing label stickers, or just plain paper to make labels. Labels are super helpful for keeping the Invention Box organized. If you have a labeler, this would be a fun and purposeful time to teach your child how to use it.

You’ll be surprised to find that you can re-use so many things!


Dr. Pascha