Start drawing, create a collaborative whiteboard for up to 100 people, or push out a copy to all of your students and have access to their personal whiteboard.

Grades K-12 15 min Resource by:

Want to collaborate with up to 100 people at once on a digital whiteboard? Want to see what your students are doing on their own digital whiteboard, all at the same time? Want to write music, manipulate shapes, or even play a game of chess all in a virtual setting? Whiteboard.chat is a free digital whiteboard that allows you to create, share, collaborate, and monitor your students. Students can demonstrate their understanding and share their constructions through many different creative mediums.

Technical Requirements

  • Whiteboard.chat can be accessed on any web browser.
  • Neither you nor your students need to create an account to use Whiteboard.chat, but if you would like to save your boards, you can create an account using Google, Facebook, or an email address.
  • Whiteboard.chat allows the insertion of polls, backgrounds, shapes, text, drawings, math symbols, manipulatives, musical notation, and several widgets, such as a timer.
  • To capture student work, you can save any boards as a PDF or consider taking and saving a quick screenshot.

Check out this video and tip sheet for an overview of Whiteboard.chat:

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