The Server’s Tray

Learn to code with sounds that indicate the titling position of a wearable device.

Grades 3-12 60 min Resource by:

In this lesson, students take another step in creating code that they can wear! The Server’s Tray lesson shows students how to make the Code Cube™ play sounds for different scenarios or situations. After students complete this task, they are challenged to explore how they can apply their learning to ELA, SEL, math, and science activities.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to make the Code Cube play sounds for different scenarios or situations.
  • ELA: Provide a concluding statement or section related to the information or explanation presented.
  • SEL: Through social awareness, practice appreciating diversity.
  • Math: Solve problems involving measurement and estimation.
  • Science: Generate and compare multiple solutions that use patterns to transfer information.

What You’ll Need



  • Computational thinking
  • Creativity
  • Problem-solving
  • Cause and effect

Let’s use the speakers in the Code Cube to produce sounds for different scenarios or situations. Students can follow the sample code provided in the student pages and also plan out their design using the student worksheet. After they have completed the lesson, students can choose to further their coding prowess by completing the provided ELA, SEL, math, or science activities.

Lesson 6 Video

  • Did you have any trouble keeping your arm level?
  • Why did you pick the sounds you chose?
  • What was your biggest challenge with movements in this activity?

For Students

  • Do you learn better by seeing or hearing things?
  • How are musical notes and hertz (Hz) tones related?
  • When do the Hz tones sound the same as musical notes?

For Teachers

Additional challenge activities are available for students who want to test out their newly acquired coding skills. If students feel like they need more coding experience before attempting a challenge activity, have them complete more lessons.