Talk&Comment Chrome Extension

Quickly record audio notes with the Talk&Comment Chrome extension.

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Talk&Comment is a Google Chrome browser extension that allows you to record audio comments inside almost any service on the web (Google Classroom, websites, Google Docs, Twitter, etc.). Simply highlight something on the page, click the Talk&Comment microphone icon and start recording. When you are finished recording, click the green check and get a link to your recorded audio automatically copied to your computer clipboard. This link can then be pasted into documents, websites, or the comment field in Google Docs. In many cases, the pasted link automatically transforms into a mini audio player with a play button. Talk&Comment is ideal for quickly recording audio notes on digital documents and websites.

Technical Requirements

  • The Talk&Comment extension must be installed in a Chrome browser.
  • The extension will require the computer’s microphone to be enabled.
  • Recordings are stored for 90 days.
  • Recordings should be 4 or more seconds in length.
  • Recordings are stored on the Talk&Comment website.
  • A link to the recording is automatically generated and displayed when the recording is stopped.
  • Pro Tip: Disable the extension when not in use, as this extension can occasionally slow down responsiveness of larger Google Docs. Extension managers, such as Extensity, can expedite this enable/disable process.

Check out this video and tip sheet for an overview of Talk&Comment:

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