Record, edit, and produce audio in this online audio production studio.

Grades 9-12 15 min Resource by:

Soundtrap is an online audio production tool. While there is a premium subscription available, the free version will likely meet most classroom needs. Soundtrap allows you to record and edit multiple audio tracks in either music or podcast mode. While both options give you similar tools, the two choices guide you to features most useful for your intended purpose. Even in podcast mode, you can create your own music tracks to produce a soundtrack for your work. The free version offers 900 loops, 210 virtual instruments and sounds, and over 150,000 sound effects from Final productions can be exported as either MP3, WAV, or MIDI files. There is even a collaboration feature to invite a friend to work on the project with you. It’s important to note that Soundtrap requires students to be at least 13 years old to set up an account.

Technical Requirements

  • Soundtrap is an online tool with no installation needed.
  • A free account is required.
  • Students must be at least 13 years old to create an account.
  • Users may sign up with a Google account or create a new account in Soundtrap.
  • Projects save to the Soundtrap account.
  • A microphone is needed to record audio.

Check out this video and tip sheet for an overview of Soundtrap:

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