Read Aloud

Use this Chrome extension to have online text read aloud while you browse websites.

Grades K-12 5 min Resource by:

Read Aloud is a free text-to-speech screen reader. This Google Chrome browser extension is user-friendly and can help struggling readers hear web content read aloud to them. Once the extension is installed, users can open any webpage and click the Read Aloud shortcut. The extension will immediately begin reading the web content on the screen. Several sentences at a time will appear in a callout box at the top of the screen. Two or three sentences will be highlighted to help readers track the content being read. Read Aloud enables users to select the speed, volume, and pitch of the reading voice, and it also offers an option to turn text highlighting on or off as desired. Read Aloud is a simple way to empower struggling readers, so they can engage independently in online content.

Technical Requirements

  • Read Aloud is a Chrome extension and must be used in a Chrome browser.
  • No login or account is needed.

Check out this video and tip sheet for an overview of Read Aloud:

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