Let’s Clean!

Students will use design thinking and computational thinking to complete the task of cleaning a room.

Grades K-2 65 min Resource by:

A Lesson on Computational Thinking

In Let’s Clean!, students will use design thinking and computational thinking to complete the task of cleaning a room. Through this blended learning lesson, students will learn how to break a task into parts utilizing decomposition to complete the overall task of cleaning a room. Students will then have the opportunity to think through the sequence it took to complete those steps and apply their learning to another task.

Learning Objectives

  • Students will use decomposition to collaboratively solve the problem of cleaning a room.
  • Students will apply their learning by sequencing the steps used to clean a room.

What You’ll Need



  • Computational thinking
  • Identifying problems
  • Problem-solving

Students will work in small groups to understand how decomposition helps to break tasks down into smaller steps, making it easier to complete large tasks. Students can complete this lesson in digital or analog form, based on technology available, but it is recommended that they have access to a device.

  • How can we explain what we did to a friend?
  • How can we use decomposition to help us tackle other problems besides cleaning a room or classroom?

For Students

  • Have students organize Asher’s room in more detail, such as organizing his clothes into shoes, shirts, pants, and colors. This can also be done with his toys. They can be separated into books, stuffed animals, and more.
  • Have students write an informational text titled, “How to Clean Your Room.”
  • Invite the school custodian to talk to your class about their work. Have them share their routines and how they go about cleaning classrooms in a systematic manner. The custodian can also share what students can do at the end of the day to help make sure that the custodians are able to do their job well.

For Teachers

  • If computers aren’t available to the students, print and cut out the Let’s Clean! Cut & Sort alternative student resource. The students can manually move the items to the correct locations.
  • For students who are struggling with where to start, have them focus on one part of the room at a time, such as organizing the toys.