Introducing Educator Voices: Amazing Educators Learning From Each Other

As a way of capturing and sharing the incredible expertise and insights of educators, AVID Open Access has begun a project called #EducatorVoices.

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Educators are amazing and perform impressive work with their students every day. As a way of capturing and sharing the incredible expertise and insights of educators, AVID Open Access has begun a project called #EducatorVoices.

Our intent is to amplify #EducatorVoices and facilitate the sharing of ideas. To do this, our podcast team has been interviewing educators from all across the country and capturing their insights as audio recordings. We’ve already begun to feature and share these recordings in a variety of ways.

#EducatorVoices Video Clips

These short videos will be released weekly and feature highlights from our educator interviews. Each one- to two-minute clip will present quick ideas and insights. The videos will be shared on social media channels and archived in our #EducatorVoices collection.

Upcoming Podcast Episodes

Beginning in August 2023, we’ll be releasing a series of Unpacking Education podcast episodes featuring #EducatorVoices recordings from our interviews. Each episode will focus on a theme. Topics will include relational capacity, best practices for teaching and learning, student success through engagement and empowerment, and more. Be sure to subscribe to Unpacking Education on your favorite podcast channel, so you don’t miss an episode!

Past Podcast Episodes

The #EducatorVoices series is not the first time we’ve been amplifying the ideas of amazing educators. Our past catalog of podcasts is filled with insights from exceptional teachers and education leaders. Be sure to browse our archives to find topics, insights, and practical ideas that are relevant to you.

Add Your Voice

Every one of you has something valuable to share, and we’d love to hear from you! To give you a place to share your #EducatorVoices, we’ve created a series of interactive Flip video prompts where you can record your thoughts, ideas, and best practices. These links are divided into categories and appear at the top of each page in the #EducatorVoices collection. Share your ideas today!

We Appreciate You

Too often, educators work in isolation without a chance to hear about the amazing work happening in each other’s schools and classrooms. We hope to change that through these #EducatorVoices resources by providing another way for educators to share their expertise and learn from each other.

We appreciate all you do and want to share your great work, so we can all become better educators!