Interactive Collage

Learn how to use a new type of block in Scratch and build on the skills learned in the Animate Your Name lesson.

Grades 3-5 25 min Resource by:

How might students share more about themselves while creating an awesome program at the same time? Students will create an interactive collage that explains what they like when a sprite is clicked.

Learning Objectives

  • Use code blocks to create algorithms.
  • Create an interactive collage that describes what you like when a user clicks on a sprite.

What You’ll Need


  • Device with a web browser and connection to the internet
  • Scratch account


  • Creativity
  • Computational thinking
  • Communication

Students create an interactive collage to share more about themselves with classmates. This lesson reinforces understanding of the previously introduced blocks while introducing the say blocks.

  • How did you use computational thinking when creating your project?
  • What’s something we learned while working on this project today?
    • What are you proud of in your project?
    • How did you work through a bug or difficult challenge today?
  • What other projects could you do using the same concepts/blocks we used today?
  • What’s something you had to debug today, and what strategy did you use to debug the error?
  • What mistakes did you make and how did you learn from those mistakes?
  • Why are comments helpful in our projects?

For Students

  • Have students explore what else they can create in Scratch by trying out new blocks and reviewing previous and/or other projects to get ideas. What changes are made?
  • Have students explore the code of other peers in their class, or on a project studio dedicated to this project. Have them ask questions about each other’s code.

For Teachers

  • If time permits and students are interested in this project, encourage students to explore what else they can create in Scratch by trying out new blocks and reviewing previous projects to get ideas for this project.
  • How might you integrate the use of Scratch into other subjects?
  • How might you use Scratch to increase learning of 21st century skills?
  • Try using one of these unplugged lessons with students: List of 100+ unplugged lessons and resources