Google Drawings

Learn how to use Google Drawings in your online classroom to allow students to design diagrams, flow carts, concept maps, and more.

Grades 3-12 20 min Resource by:

Google Drawings is a free, web-based creation tool that is included in the Google Suite. It features a one-page canvas work area and includes various design tools, such as shapes, text boxes, word art, images, and lines. Google Drawings is ideal for creating diagrams, flow charts, illustrations, concept maps, digital badges, certificates, and virtual manipulatives. If distributed with a tool like Google Classroom, teachers can provide a copy to each student to complete as a digital learning activity.

Technical Requirements

  • A free Google account is required.
  • Google Drawings is web-based and requires internet access.
  • An offline mode is available when no internet is accessible. This will sync to the cloud once an internet connection is established.
  • Files store in Google Drive.

Check out these videos and tip sheet for an overview of Google Drawings:

Overview of How to Use Google Drawings:

Using Google Drawings to Make Digital Stickers and Certificates:

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