Free AI Lessons and Challenges for Your Students

Discover free lessons and classroom challenges available from aiEDU.

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The AI Education Project (aiEDU) offers free curriculum and student challenges for you to use in your classroom. These materials are available on the aiEDU website and are a perfect way for you to introduce your students to artificial intelligence (AI). For a quick introduction to AI, check out their AI in 5 Minutes page.

These resources from aiEDU are great supplements to MIT RAISE’s Day of AI curriculum. The Day of AI is set for Thursday, May 18, 2023. This is a perfect opportunity to introduce AI to your students. Don’t worry if you miss this date though, as there is never a bad time to introduce your students to this amazing content!

Here are a few highlights from the aiEDU collection.

AI Challenges

In this section, aiEDU provides quick challenges that are ready to present to your students. These are fun, informative, and engaging. Some of the challenges include the following:

  • Can you prove you’re smarter than ChatGPT?
  • Can you design 10 ways to fool your phone’s face recognition?
  • Can you take your TikTok algorithm from mid tier to top tier?
  • Can you figure out how Instagram ranks your posts?
  • Can you get AI to create images the world has never seen before?

AI Project Dashboard

In this section, you will find a collection of projects for high school students. They include a combination of self-guided and teacher-led options.

  • Interview With ChatGPT
  • Facial Recognition for Good, Evil, and Everything in Between
  • Picturing the Future of Medicine
  • The 29 AIs of Washington, D.C.
  • Deepfake PSA
  • Artificial Common Sense

AI Snapshots

This section allows you to download 180 5-minute classroom warmups. These are great for sparking debate, igniting curiosity, and building community. The snapshots are intended to be teacher-led and are designed for grades 9–12.

Intro to AI

In this section, you will find a 10-week project-based learning course. Material is broken down into 35 lessons that are 45 minutes each. These are teacher-led lessons for grades 9–12.

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