Emotion Badge

Grades 3-12 30 min
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Code a micro:bit simulator to create an emotion badge to share with the world how you are feeling behind your mask.

With everyone wearing masks, it is very difficult to show others how we are feeling. Have students use the power of computer science to develop a solution to this problem by creating an emotion badge with micro:bit. Students will use physical computing to create an emotion badge to tell the world how they are feeling. Emotion Badge is the product of the Micro:bit Educational Foundation.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop a simple program that runs a micro:bit and shows how you are feeling.
  • Use computer science to solve a problem.

What You’ll Need


  • micro:bit or MakeCode simulator
  • MakeCode or Python editor


  • Computational thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Creativity

Everyone around us is wearing a mask, and it is very difficult to know if they are happy or sad. Students can develop and use basic coding skills to program a micro:bit to tell the world how they are feeling. Through this experience, students will discover how problems can be solved through the power of computer science.

  • How did you use a list of steps (an algorithm) to create your program?
  • Through this project, you were able to create something that you could use to show how you are feeling, even if you were wearing a mask. How might computer science help solve another problem or challenge that you are facing right now?

For Students

  • What other emotions, besides happy and sad, could you show by using the micro:bit 5×5 LED display board?
  • How might you incorporate the use of one of the sensors into your program?

For Teachers

  • How might you have students use their emotion badges in a classroom setting?
  • What other nonverbal signal might students be able to display using a micro:bit?
  • How might you make connections between this project and solving problems with computer science in other subject areas?
  • Explore fun and engaging activities to bring computer science to life for your students with additional lessons from micro:bit.
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