Easily create interactive video lessons for your students using Edpuzzle.

Grades K-12 20 min Resource by:

Edpuzzle allows teachers to make video viewing more interactive and student-centered. Teachers can upload their own videos or use videos from YouTube, Khan Academy, and more. Once a video is uploaded, the teacher can crop the video, add voice-over, and add different types of questions to which students can respond. Teachers are then able to assign videos to students. When a student logs in and views a video in Edpuzzle, questions pop up throughout, and they are given time to respond. The teacher can review student progress and provide individual feedback.

Technical Requirements

  • Edpuzzle is a web application that can be accessed on a web browser.
  • Edpuzzle is free, with paid premium options.
  • Teachers can sign up with their Google account or email.

Check out this video and tip sheet for an overview of Edpuzzle:

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